At Origin Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys, we have an enviable reputation for a very high rate of successfully granted patents.

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PATENTS: Protecting your Technology & Ideas

Our patent attorneys are each known for technical knowledge, legal expertise and a focus on what matters commercially. We file and prosecute patents for leading technology companies and tertiary institutions. 

We have particular strengths in the fields of Information Communication Technology (ICT), engineering, manufacturing, automotive, electronics, telecommunications, plastics and packaging.

Our patent team is made of recognised performers from large patent firms now working together in a tight-knit team. They have extensive experience in-house for leading technology commercialisation companies, so we understand how patents are used in commerce.

“New Zealand and Australian businesses are well known for taking on the world. For this reason, we have specialist expertise in foreign intellectual property law and procedures.”

Meet our Patent Attorneys
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“Origin are very pragmatic and focus on what they think is the best commercial outcome. They are always upfront about the expected costs and timeframes, and they go on to meet these targets. I always feel their fees represent the work they have done.”

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Our Patent Specialties

We file and prosecute a large number of patent applications for our clients all over the world, including:

  • Drafting patent applications suitable for New Zealand, Australia, the USA and international prosecution

  • New Zealand, Australia and international patent filings and prosecution

  • Advising on patent infringement and third party conflicts

  • Assistance with contentious proceedings including infringement and revocation proceedings

  • Assistance with opposition and appeal proceedings before the Intellectual property offices of New Zealand and Australia

  • Patent auditing

  • Patent assignments, licensing and due diligence

  • Managing patent portfolios

“All of our patent attorneys are registered to practice in both New Zealand and Australia. We provide services in both jurisdictions on behalf of local client and foreign agents.”


Origin provide a wide range of services to individuals and businesses looking to protect their intellectual property

Patent Searches

Conducting comprehensive searches to assess the patentability of an invention and identify any existing patents or prior art that might affect your application.

Patent Prosecution

Managing the patent application process, including communicating with IPONZ, responding to office actions, and ensuring the application meets all legal requirements.

Patent Portfolio Management

Helping clients strategize and manage their patent portfolios, which may involve making decisions on filing, maintaining, or licensing patents.

Patent Litigation Support

Assisting clients in patent disputes, whether it’s enforcing their patent rights or defending against infringement claims.

Freedom-to-Operate Searches

Conducting searches to assess whether a product or process may infringe on existing patents held by others.

Patent Application Drafting

Preparing and drafting patent applications that meet the specific requirements of the New Zealand Intellectual Property Office (IPONZ).

International Patent Filings

Advising on and facilitating the filing of international patent applications, such as through the Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) system.

IP Strategy and Consulting

Providing guidance on intellectual property strategy, including advice on how to protect your innovations and leverage your patents for business success.

IP Commercialization

Advising on ways to monetize intellectual property assets through licensing, partnerships, or sales.

IP Due Diligence

Conducting assessments of intellectual property as part of mergers, acquisitions, or investments.

TRADE MARK: Protecting your Brand

Trade mark protection is one of the most important factors to consider with any brand to distinguish your goods or services in the market place. Our trade mark team has extensive experience in relation to all areas of trade mark use, protection and enforcement. 

More about Trade Marks

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