IP Education

As an alternative to conventional intellectual property services we can integrate with your business to take care of your intellectual property as an in-house intellectual property department would.

We collectively develop with you a comprehensive intellectual property plan that meets your needs with statements of work, milestones and budgets. Scheduled updates capture developments that occur within your business and provide management and governance reports. Documented, bespoke intellectual property processes and training can be provided to allow your staff to report intellectual property developments that might need urgent attention.

The team at Origin have first hand experience in engineering and commercial business. We draw on that real world experience to provide our clients with stronger intellectual property advice. This results in our clients being enabled to make better decisions, and for our team to secure stronger registered intellectual property rights.

Our specialties include:

  • Intellectual property education programs

  • Intellectual property seminars and training for business

  • Intellectual property seminars and training for law professionals

  • Intellectual property training for business

  • Intellectual property training for legal practitioners

  • Callaghan Innovation – Innovation Intellectual Property program


Leonard Cousins

Patent & Trade Mark Attorney
lcousins@originip.co.nz+64 9 927 8864+64 22 033 0260

Simon Murphy

Patent & Trade Mark Attorney
smurphy@originip.co.nz+64 7 808 0264+64 22 156 0992