IP Capability


Intellectual Property Capability

At Origin IP, we offer bespoke and comprehensive products and services provide IP capability through all levels of business. We have worked within IP reliant businesses at various levels and know how IP works in a business environment.

Our programs include:

Intellectual Property Governance

Our bespoke workshop for IP Governance facilitates board members apply their governance to intellectual property. Facilitated by experienced patent attorney with governance experience but  driven by board members thinking. The outputs are an IP agenda, an IP strategic direction, subcommittee agenda where needed and a IP reference framework used in common with other levels of the business.

Intellectual Property Strategy and Management

Our bespoke workshop adapts a widely accepted commercial strategy framework for IP. A senior patent attorney with management experience facilitates an executive team considering how intellectual property intersects with their existing commercial strategy and planning. The outcome is a clear understanding of IP opportunities and risks involved in the existing commercial strategy, IP contingency plans, and an intellectual property strategy.

Intellectual Property Staff Culture and Capability training

Our workshop, developed in-house and based on experience running large scale IP awareness programs, takes staff through enjoyable, engaging exercises to develop IP capability and awareness and then communicates IP processes that implement the IP governance direction and IP strategy developed in the IP Strategy and Management workshops.

Callaghan Innovation Intellectual Property Programs

We are a Callaghan Innovation Intellectual Property Provider and offer programs to each specification issued by Callaghan Innovation for the Innovation IP program.

Innovation IP

We offer a program developed to the Innovation IP Stage One program, which applied our adapted commercial strategy framework. This program is a one-to-one one to two day workshop depending on the specific modules selected.

Innovation IP – light

We offer a half day workshop is a one-to-many workshop where a group of participants work through a exercises facilitated by a senior patent attorney using worksheets which allow them to develop a business-specific intellectual property strategy. Look out for our free Innovation IP workshops held quarterly.

Virtual In-house Capability

We offer virtual in-house intellectual property capability. Through our workshops we facilitate you preparing a detailed intellectual property governance and management plan. We implement the plan to agreed decision points, milestones and budgets.