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10 Proven Tips for Creating a Robust IP Policy

Matt Howe

What do the world’s most successful companies have in common? They know how to protect and leverage their intellectual property (IP). Why? Because the financial cost of IP misuse or disputes can be devastating to an organisation. I’ve seen it myself and trust me, it’s not pretty. Examples: A marketing team who discussed a new…
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IP harvesting: The secret to maximising innovation 

Leonard Cousins

In today’s knowledge-driven economy, intellectual property (IP) has become a vital asset for many businesses. But is creative thinking enough? Not in my experience. To capitalise on intangible assets and gain a competitive advantage, IP needs to be cultivated, nurtured and harvested. In this blog, I’ll explore the important role that harvesting IP has in…
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AI vs humans: Who owns the future of invention?

Simon Murphy

The Artificial Inventor Project, run by a group of intellectual property lawyers and an AI scientist, is on an international crusade to settle some interesting questions that AI poses to patent law.
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Covid-19: Sentry MK4, Mass Fever Screening


The Sentry MK4 is the first line of defence at all Singapore and other international ports of entry, government hospitals, schools, commercial, financial and industrial facilities (200+ locations).
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