Apple faces $1.4 Billion Patent Infringement Claim

A Chinese patent has been granted to small company Shanghai Zhizhen Network Technology Co. (SZNT) for their a voice assistant technology. SNZT has wasted no time in asserting their patent against consumer giant Apple based on Apple’s own voice assistance technology – Siri.

Once a patent has been granted in a country, it can be enforced in that country. SZNT are seeking damages of damages of $1.4 billion, and that Apple cease sales, production and use of products that allegedly infringe the patent. SNZT are also able to seek an interim injunction, which freezes Apple’s ability to sell, produce and use their Siri based product’s in China until the case has been heard.

Could Apple have seen this coming with implementation of a good IP strategy? What would Apple pay now for the $1.4 Billion case to go away? Apple will no doubt be a little relieved that they are not relying on ‘production’ of Siri in China for sales outside China.


Leonard Cousins

Patent & Trade Mark Attorney

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